Our Norwegian production site is in the heart of fjord country in Northern Norway. The village of Drag lies along the spectacular Tysfjorden in Hamarøy municipality, known for its dramatic landscape where mountains meet sea.

Abundant natural resources and access to clean energy are helping fuel a vibrant industrial base in the area.

Drag is an outdoor oriented community where recreational opportunities abound all year long.

Thrill-seekers can head to the ski resort at Narvik, which boasts Scandinavia’s second largest fall height, while groomed cross country trails at Ulvsvågskaret offer a more laid-back experience. For a one-of-a-kind adventure, dog sledding can be a magical way to experience the snowy landscape (and see the northern lights if you’re lucky!)

Explore stunning nature on one of the many hiking trails maintained by The Norwegian Trekking Association. Majestic waterfalls, jagged mountains, and peaceful lakes tucked deep in the forest wait for adventurous explorers. Or settle into a kayak and discover a coastline dotted with white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Though you may want to trade your kayak for a larger boat if you decide to check out Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest tidal current!

There are also plenty of options for those who prefer indoor activities or traditional team sports. Hamarøy has two swimming pools (one of which is at Drag), one of northern Norway’s tallest climbing walls, a handball court, several training studios, and football fields.

Norway is the country with the largest proportion of inhabitants living above the arctic circle.

Norway is the country with the largest proportion of inhabitants living above the arctic circle.

Stretching from the island-dotted fjords in the west to the Swedish border in the east, Hamarøy municipality covers over 2000 square kilometres. Within these far flung borders, smaller villages serve as hubs around which local services and amenities are organized.

The Arctic University of Norway in Narvik and Nord University in Bodø offer associate’s, bachelor’s, and advanced degrees in a variety of study programs.

Whether you’re looking to rent or own, there are a variety of housing options to choose from, including detached homes, townhouses, and apartments. TQC offers direct support during the transition period and has several fully furnished apartments that employees may lease while they find their own accommodations.

Drag school is in the center of town and serves grades one through ten. The school has a strong outdoor focus: from grades one to four students spend one day a week outside, and from fourth grade regularly go on overnight camping trips.

Drag is the second largest village behind Oppeid, the municipality’s administrative center and a half hour drive away.

At Knut Hamsun High School in Oppeid students may choose between vocational subjects or general studies. It is also one of Norway’s only high school for students pursuing an education in outdoor studies (friluftsliv).

Getting there and around

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Bodø is the closest airport, with multiple daily connections to Oslo. From there, Drag is a 3 hour drive away. To get there by rail/bus you can take the train with Vy all the way to Fauske, and from there the county bus to Drag. Coming from the north, the county bus system links Evenes airport to Drag via Narvik. At the end station of Kjøpsvik, the ferry takes you across the fjord to the ferry landing in center of Drag. There are also ferry routes direct to Lofoten from the northernmost point of Hamarøy.

There are several bus routes that criss cross Hamarøy, but you’ll find that the easiest way to get around and access more remote locations is with a car. Biking is also a fantastic way to experience the landscape and get off the beaten path.